Friday, 26 October 2012

Fashion Inspirations 

Recently i was watching Glee and i liked the character Quinn Fabray and her innocent,girlie yet so sexy style! In most of the episodes she was wearing A-line dresses in pastel shades.

                                    see how she teams it up with a pink sweater!
                 As winter is just round the corner, this style 
                 will definitely rock the campus ! 

  When i was thinking about writing a post about Quinny i noticed something else! The lead actress of Karan Johar's Student of the Year also wears similar dresses only in brighter colours. for example the Disco Deewane iconic red dress!!

After this puja vacation i will enter the class room in this sweet-sexy girl next-door look. A sweater and some simple bright coloured head accessories will make it hotter.
You can also try this look. Try to find dresses with feminine details . Prints will also look good but go for smaller motifs.

You can wear a jacket to keep it chic (it will make u warm too in the winter) or a long bright coat!!

Now to help u find some dresses like this i giving you some links of some sites from where i shop sometimes.;322;322;322;322;322;322;322

As you can see these dresses are not very expensive. I hope we all have few dresses like this in our wardrob. So girls,just get set ready to look FABULOUS !