Sunday, 29 September 2013

Yami Gautam : The rising style diva

I was surfing net and came across some pictures from Yami Gautam's official facebook page and at that moment I decided to write a post on her style. From a girl next door to a red carpet regular, obviously her style have improved and now she has found her signature style ( thanks to her stylist! :p ). On a serious note, I think what she chooses to wear ,compliments her curvy figure. She also carries both western and ethnic wear quite easily! Well I'm not saying Yami will beat Sonam soon but yes we can tag her as the rising style diva.

 She looks so pretty in Indian wear. The color is really complimenting her skin tone.

                                            So chic fun and friendly yet so fashionable.

                                                                     Just like a Diva!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Beautiful Bengali Brides

I am one of those people who are obsessed about weddings, bridal looks and everything related to that. As a child i used to collect stamps and now i collect pics of brides ,whether its celebs or people i know. Whenever a celeb gets married, i'm like " OK!! GREAT!! Let's hunt her pics!!!" I just love to see how people dress for their D-day. What they wear, how they wear and whom they wear! ..In this post I'm going to talk about Bengali brides,both celebrities and non-celeb princesses.

Beautiful Bngali brides have been captured in films for a long time. One of the famous bengali bride on screen is Aiswarya Rai (Devdas). By her traditional look, she mesmerized the whole nation. I remember, people in west bengal were wearing dhoti and heavy sarees after the film's release. Such was the madness! In recent movies, Yami Gautam made a beautiful Bengali 'bou' in Vicky Donner.

 I love her red painted (by Aalta) fingers. Now days girls of bengal are going for mahendi. I have no issues against mahendi, but i personally love the old way. Designer Sabysachi is also strongly for the traditional look of Bengali Brides.

Jewelery brand Tanishq has a collection of jeweleries specially for bengal. I just love their print ad of this collection! The look is similar to the Devdas look.

Now let's move to some real life princesses who have made it here for their beauty and mindblowing bridal looks!
1. Dolon Bose Chatterjee
She was my senior in college. I was stunned to see her wedding pics. She looked soo feminine ang glamorous at her wedding. As I'm very fond of red I loved her saree immensely :)

The Girl in the Gray Gown

Hello dear readers,
This post is a little intro about me and my blog. I live in kolkata,the city of joy. I'm still a student (urrrghhh) .I dream a lot, mostly day dreams about a perfect life, going to beautiful places, shopping, creating a beautiful dress, long drives with the love of my life ...Designing is my biggest passion, May be one day I'll do something in that field! Fingers crossed :)

 I was not that fond of blogs but through a friend's blog i came across so many interesting blogs and people that i fell in love with the idea of blogging! As I'm a student of literature writing has been one of my favorite pass-times! So I didn't think twice before starting this blog. Initially I was not very sure about the topics, I wanted to write about everything around me! But soon realized that in that case this blog will turn in to a personal diary! So finally I have narrowed down to few topics, such as fashion, style, places i visit, self help ( these posts will be under "Heart to Heart"), and occasionally  about films and books i love (That's almost  every thing!! :) ) I want this blog to be a lifestyle blog.

                                                                   Thanks for  reading :)

Friday, 27 September 2013

Heart to Heart : You are (not) good Enough

"What! You like this one! You lack taste!"
"How could you date him!"
"Is this your goal of life! Fashion, Films and BlaBla... you are so shallow !"
"we didn't expect this from you!"
"I'm ashamed of u"
" Come on! You are not one in a million!!"..................................

Yes I have heard them all, may be most of us have. There are people very close to us often make these kind of comments not always with the intention of hurting us! But some intentionally do that. When i was a kid i was always criticized for looking pretty, for being shy, for having boyfriends and the list goes on.. These used to affect me a lot! I used to cry, and my Grandma used to tell me,"you have to take care of your heart and soul!" I couldn't realize then the meaning of her words. But now at the age of 23, i think i do!
Yes It's easy to say not to listen to others- "Kuchh to log kahenge, logo ka kam hai kahena.." But one can't always ignore a comment when its made by one of your closest people ,because we want to please them! Because we love and respect them, but sometimes they seem not to understand us. If comments like these come from them continuously, it's enough to shatter one's self confidence! The only way (what i have realized) is to tell them what You think, make it clear to yourself at first what You want. And just tell them that if the chance of being/achieving something is one in a million,then you are that One. :)
Believe in yourself. I believe that if i want to do something, for example writing this blog or just being the face of a jewelery brand, no one has the ability and authority to pull me down or to tell me that I'm not being good enough for myself. Yes different people has different views but at the end of the day it's my life! And no one else is going to live that for me!!
We all know what is good enough for us, even if we don't know ,we will find it out in our journey..right guys?!

I know this post sounds really preachy but i want every girl or boy to take care of their hearts by believing in themselves. :)


                                                  Thanks for reading ............... :)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

A for Anarkali

I love being in 21st century. I love being young in it. This era has room for almost every kind of style. We are all different people with different tastes, and this is the decade where you just can not be out of fashion because almost every thing is IN fashion! Vogue or any magazines, fashion shows and our dear celebs they all convey this message : you can wear what you wanna wear!

I remember , last year this time anarkali was in fashion, again this time its back. Actually it was never gone! It seems that people are mesmerized by anarkali ; so are celebs. In this blog I'm sharing some anarkali styles and where to get them! So stay tuned...

 This is brilliant! By an young designer. I'm sorry i don't remember the designer's name, I can't remember how I came across this one.

                    These low backs worn by kareena and prachi are going viral actually.

Some anarkalis look like ghagras. Specially these worn by sonakshi, chitrangada and nargis. Loving them. They are showstoppers!
And here is the new addition in to the anarkali family. I have become so fond of this style that i turned one of my high low dresses into a churidar...

                                This is the look. I know its not an anarkali but I was heavily inspired :P

                                                                     Thanks for reading :)

You can get Anarkalis like these in these online stores -

Pictures featured in this blog are taken from google image.

Wish List and Inspiration : Sarees

The festive season is just around the corner ,so is the wedding season!! I will have to attend quite a few weddings, so theses days i have spent a lot of time searching and researching about sarees online. I have come across a number of breathtaking sarees.In this Blog I'm going to share what I'm wishing for! And also i have selected few looks which are totally gorgeous for weddings! If you come across this blog by any chance please feel free to suggest me which saree i should go for! Or anything you want to tell me :)

      I absolutely love this black saree..The contrast is also very charming.

  Peach is always my favorite! And this saree will go well with white stones and pearls.. Turquoise stones will also look good and will make the look more chic!

This pink saree is a nice traditional saree which also is in favor of me!

These two sarees above are perfect for a contemporary look, and they will definitely make you stand out in the wedding crowds !

Now,these are the looks I'm becoming fond of.. This wavy ponytail hairstyle is soo IN right now. And this simple yet stylish look will give the look extra volt of style!

A messy bun or a neat and sexy bun also makes a saree look stylish as well as elegant. I specially loved Deepika's Chandbalis here in this pic. This look will go well with the peach saree for sure!

After Chennai Express Garlands are High Fashion and almost any girl with longer necks can carry it off like a diva. Celebs are being seen in this very feminine look often these days.

                                I'm personally going for this truly traditional look in one of the days.

                                                                  Thanks for Reading.

The sarees here are from  ( The other pictures featured here are taken from google image.