Saturday, 21 September 2013

A for Anarkali

I love being in 21st century. I love being young in it. This era has room for almost every kind of style. We are all different people with different tastes, and this is the decade where you just can not be out of fashion because almost every thing is IN fashion! Vogue or any magazines, fashion shows and our dear celebs they all convey this message : you can wear what you wanna wear!

I remember , last year this time anarkali was in fashion, again this time its back. Actually it was never gone! It seems that people are mesmerized by anarkali ; so are celebs. In this blog I'm sharing some anarkali styles and where to get them! So stay tuned...

 This is brilliant! By an young designer. I'm sorry i don't remember the designer's name, I can't remember how I came across this one.

                    These low backs worn by kareena and prachi are going viral actually.

Some anarkalis look like ghagras. Specially these worn by sonakshi, chitrangada and nargis. Loving them. They are showstoppers!
And here is the new addition in to the anarkali family. I have become so fond of this style that i turned one of my high low dresses into a churidar...

                                This is the look. I know its not an anarkali but I was heavily inspired :P

                                                                     Thanks for reading :)

You can get Anarkalis like these in these online stores -

Pictures featured in this blog are taken from google image.


  1. Seriously!! Anarkalis are like ongoing trend. Today itself i have given order to my all time boutique for floor length anarkali :D

    1. Yes , the floor lengths look amazing!! do a post, when u get your anarkalis :) with pics!! :D