Friday, 27 September 2013

Heart to Heart : You are (not) good Enough

"What! You like this one! You lack taste!"
"How could you date him!"
"Is this your goal of life! Fashion, Films and BlaBla... you are so shallow !"
"we didn't expect this from you!"
"I'm ashamed of u"
" Come on! You are not one in a million!!"..................................

Yes I have heard them all, may be most of us have. There are people very close to us often make these kind of comments not always with the intention of hurting us! But some intentionally do that. When i was a kid i was always criticized for looking pretty, for being shy, for having boyfriends and the list goes on.. These used to affect me a lot! I used to cry, and my Grandma used to tell me,"you have to take care of your heart and soul!" I couldn't realize then the meaning of her words. But now at the age of 23, i think i do!
Yes It's easy to say not to listen to others- "Kuchh to log kahenge, logo ka kam hai kahena.." But one can't always ignore a comment when its made by one of your closest people ,because we want to please them! Because we love and respect them, but sometimes they seem not to understand us. If comments like these come from them continuously, it's enough to shatter one's self confidence! The only way (what i have realized) is to tell them what You think, make it clear to yourself at first what You want. And just tell them that if the chance of being/achieving something is one in a million,then you are that One. :)
Believe in yourself. I believe that if i want to do something, for example writing this blog or just being the face of a jewelery brand, no one has the ability and authority to pull me down or to tell me that I'm not being good enough for myself. Yes different people has different views but at the end of the day it's my life! And no one else is going to live that for me!!
We all know what is good enough for us, even if we don't know ,we will find it out in our journey..right guys?!

I know this post sounds really preachy but i want every girl or boy to take care of their hearts by believing in themselves. :)


                                                  Thanks for reading ............... :)

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