Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Girl in the Gray Gown

Hello dear readers,
This post is a little intro about me and my blog. I live in kolkata,the city of joy. I'm still a student (urrrghhh) .I dream a lot, mostly day dreams about a perfect life, going to beautiful places, shopping, creating a beautiful dress, long drives with the love of my life ...Designing is my biggest passion, May be one day I'll do something in that field! Fingers crossed :)

 I was not that fond of blogs but through a friend's blog i came across so many interesting blogs and people that i fell in love with the idea of blogging! As I'm a student of literature writing has been one of my favorite pass-times! So I didn't think twice before starting this blog. Initially I was not very sure about the topics, I wanted to write about everything around me! But soon realized that in that case this blog will turn in to a personal diary! So finally I have narrowed down to few topics, such as fashion, style, places i visit, self help ( these posts will be under "Heart to Heart"), and occasionally  about films and books i love (That's almost  every thing!! :) ) I want this blog to be a lifestyle blog.

                                                                   Thanks for  reading :)


  1. Hey Somorita !
    your are from kolkata Correct ?

    I am as well !

    do ping me back on my blog :)

  2. Yes im from Kol... I will definitely follow your blog :)

  3. I found your blog very interesting. Great photos and posts.
    I was wondering we can connect and follow each other (twitter and google plus)if you like my blog too.