Sunday, 6 October 2013

Heart to Heart: How much should you pamper your kids?

I love kids and yes i want to have some of my own in future. I dream about having a daughter and I dream about spoiling her with love, dolls,dresses and anything she wants and everything which i didn't get as a kid. I want my daughter to be pretty and kind and warm. But if i flood her with gifts, if every desire of her gets fulfilled in the next day, will she be kindhearted ? Will she be humble? Will she love or respect others? Wouldn't she turn in to a brat! A spoilt brat! Just like my sister.

When i was little, I loved Barbie dolls because of their glamorous appearance but my mother was dead against that plastic doll ( according to her it was "woman" like, not appropriate for small girls) . So as the result i didn't have any barbie doll. I used to dream about owning a "barbie city" when i grow up. I used to draw dresses and from an early age i started making dresses. No one taught me how to make a dress, it was my imagination and an undying passion for beautiful things! My first dress was made out of an old curtain and mosquito net!!  If as a child I could get anything I want in 2 seconds , I don't think I would bother to be creative  in this way. I have learnt the value of things but my sister hasn't. From a very young age she is very demanding, under her pressure my parents give her whatever she wishes. And now she has become so materialistic that no relation is more important than her gizmos and gadgets! I'm really scared for her! What she is doing to herself and to us is very painful.

 She made me realize that it may not be a good idea to pamper your kid too much. As a child she or he must know that we can not buy them everything. But yes what we must give them is Time. I will never give her material goods instead of quality time. Yes I will pamper them once in a while but I would make sure that they don't become "pampered brats".

Suri cruise is one of the worlds most over pampered kids we know.. but look at these pictures, she never smiles as if she is never contempt with anything!

                                    So, what do You think? How much should we pamper our kids!?

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