Monday, 2 December 2013

My November Vellvette Bag

Here it is!! Finally I have received my 1st Vellvette Bag few days ago. I can't express how happy I was when the courier came.

 Mid November I came to a post in Facebook about this Vellvette bag. I was amazed to see that you can book a bag only for 499 and you will receive 3 sample products from them. I checked out their fb page 1st and there were people talking about their Vellvette Bag  experiences and sharing pics. I was really impressed.

Then i visited their website and couldn't resist myself from ordering a November bag. For that I had to register (which is free) and fill up a really funny and interesting form, I guess from that the Vellvette team understand our preferences about beauty products, our skin and hair type etc. You can also pay by credit/debit card/ net banking; cash on delivery is also available but they charge for that.

After ordering I was eagerly waiting for the bag. I was really hoping for an eyeshadow and after opening the bag the sight of this Beauty UR eye shadow collection delighted my heart :) Lately I was hoping to buy a foundation but wasn't sure which one to buy. The Clinique even better foundation sample was a pleasant surprise indeed! I also loved the Iraya himalayan berry gentle face wash and the Mary Kay lip liner & 2 eyeliners (they are in that pretty red little bag). The packaging was was good; of course you can see that there is no licked or broken products.

I just loved their concept. The pink bag is ohh sooo pretty !! I guess I will buy more bags from . You can also book your december bag!
Links for you guys:
their facebook page  & their website    .

                                              So Girls,  Book your Bag and Be surprised!
                                                                Love <3


  1. You got some nice products! Congrats on your first subscription :)

  2. U got really wonderful products. ..
    My recent one :

    1. Thank u Teji :) and yes i'm going to read ur post asap :)

  3. Amazing post! Love it.