Saturday, 14 December 2013

Turn a Pen Case into a Wall decorative piece [DIY]

So, what do you do after you unpack the pen? yes, you probably through away the box!! I used to do so but now i have come up with a fun idea about making that no-more-important box into cute/pretty wall decorative pieces which may reflect your personality..
Enough talking... now, for this tutorial the things you will need :

1. a pen box
2. colors , preferably colors from hobby ideas/ any glossy heavy color
4. glitters
5. pagemark / a thick paper
6. white paper
8. glue
9. black gel pen

Process : 
1. cover up the words with color.

After that it will look like this.. i haven't covered everything because the box itself was pretty!

2. Now with other colors and glitters decorate the box. Draw anything you like, totally up to you :) this is what I have done-

3. This box can be used as a photo frame as well. Initially That was my plan but later I changed the plan. Here I have used a pagemark to stick my drawing. For that I have wrapped it up in white paper first.

4. cut a piece of white paper in the page marker's size. It's safer to draw in another paper, you know what i mean :p Now draw any thing. I have traced a fashion figure directly from my laptop { search for CROQUIS in google if want figs like this }

Now make it pretty with paint and imagination :)


5. Stick the pic with glue on the covered pagemark. Now put it in the box like this and fix it with tapes or glue.

                                                        And it's DONE!!! :)

                                                       Try it if you like this DIY .


  1. this looks beautiful :)

  2. that s really awesome..!! ur too creative..!! :) (y)