Monday, 21 July 2014

The gifts of cleaning up !

Hello again after a long time! Life is changing fast for me! I finished my post graduate and moved back to my home town from the city. I had never thought I will come back here, because I had always dreamed myself working in a city! And the love of my life is also in the city! :( But I have decided to stay here to give time to my family ♥ I will be here for one or two year (probably!). Ok, enough info, now lets come back to the topic! When I decided that  I will be here for some time, I thought of cleaning the wardrobe and the cupboard. I love to organise things,  it becomes very easy to find things and also to stay tidy and it looks Good! Many people dont like to clean their room or wardrobe,  those people will never feel the joy of finding things you never thought you had! Or just finding something from your childhood :)
After tidying up my cupboard anf wardrobe,  these are the things I found! Its like a mini gift haul!
1. Keyring : this keyring with beads is such a cute little thing I dont know who gifted it! But found out while cleaning a box full of junks. It will be my cycle's keyring from now on :)
2. A purse : this bright purse was a gift from a cousin! I loved it so much, may be too much that never used it and cept it in a secured place. Then totally forgot about it. Its so fun to find it !  Its exotic design and colour will go with so many outfits! I will have to use it! Ok I just had an idea of doing a OFTD with this purse!
3. Beauty products, lipstick and a comb! : Im probably feeling happy to find them. This brown comb may look simple but trust me its a 'Roots' product which costs more than a 100 bucks! Its realy a nice comb, I did not really lose it , I will say I misplaced it somehow! :p
The lipstick from Avon is one of my favourite one, its bright red! Just perfect for this season, cant wait to wear it!!

A lakme facewash with strawberry extracts ♡ I never knew I had this one, I never even used it before,  so it was just a brand new product. So after discovering it I used it and fell in love with the product, it makes skin so soft and clean. Will recommend this to others.
I also discovered this clinic plus conditioner , I haven't used it so dont know how much about the product. If anyone have used it just let me know your experience . Im very particular about my hair products, so need your recommendation ♡
And two bottles of 'Aswini hair oil', trust me its the magic oil . I recommend it to everyone,  it helps to grow new hair and also the hair grows fast afer its use. But you have to use it religiously!  Oh God , I almost reviewd all the products :D
4. A bag : this one was a gift from my father if Im right. I have used it many times but when I moved to the city I left it here, and almost forgot about it :( sorry bag , I love you ♡
5. A silver bangle I used to to wear as a child!! Its so tinny!! I dont know how it came in to that junk box!! Thank God I found it! I will polish it and my cute little princess will wear it just like me! I really want to have a girl when I get married ! Girls are so precious! I just love the t
thought of having a girl and dressing her up ♡♥
These are the gifts or blessings of cleaning things up. I hope we all have experienced this kind of discoveries ;)  Please feel free to share your experiences and thought here, we can have a chitchat :)
And thanks for reading this post. Love you guys ♡♥♡♥★☆ 

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