Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The New Me

I started this blog very casually on 19th October 2012. It has been almost 2 years since that date, I'm still casual about it. But not any more ! I have spent a lot of time in social networks in spite of knowing it did not give me back anything worthy of that time. Still in this process I have learnt how to make an interesting piece of writing or how to chose the worth-instagram picture and taking time to edit and create hash tags so that it has larger viewers. Basically I have gained followers in a little time . This made me think : What have I done to my blog?!! Only 27 posts in 2 years .... damn!! 
I was not consistent , I was lazy, may be I wanted success very easily and very fast, when it did not happen, slowly I started to lose interest. But were the posts worth reading??
  • lack of thought on the content
  • pics were not edited properly
  • again laziness shows on the writing
  • less care on everything!!! 

This is not acceptable, yes I know now. I want start afresh (but previous posts wont be deleted). I gave my Blog a makeover : from Me all over the blog template to beautiful pink flowers which reflects my inner calmness and happiness I have gained/found in these years. Before I used to think that people will like it if it's glossy, over the top, made up. I ended up making this blog look very superficial and plastic (remember "Mean Girls"). But that was not really what I am .
Now I am a person who is mostly in peace with herself. I want this new me to reflect in my blog.
It's resolution time! 
  • I will be regular (let it be 4 posts a month?
  • care, planning, good editing will be there too
  • I will be myself - not over the top, not a makeup guru, but the girl next door who is friendly, sweet, crazy at times, feminine all the time, philosophical sometimes ..........

I'm okay with it, If you are okay with this blog too, then Welcome :) warm hugs :)

A Little More Info :

Who am I : 24, Fashion Designing Student, lives in West Bengal.
How tall : 5'6''
Am i a book warm : no. I like to read but not a bookoholic, I'm more of a cinemaholic person.
Shopaholic? : A recovering one. Lol.
How often do i shop : When I see something worth collecting and if I have money :P , it also depends on where I am. If I'm traveling I tend to shop more. But shopping is not anymore my pass time. I have get over it :)
What do I shop? : Mostly clothes, bags and beauty products.
Online shopping?: Yes I love, my favorite sites are Myntra, Jabong and Zovi.
Brands I like : Forever New, Caterpillar, Fab India, Biba , Rangmanch
Am I brand conscious : I love brands but I love Indian Textile too. Currently i'm in  #thegreatindianfridaymovement which promotes Indian handloom and textile.
Fashion is : The representation of what you are feeling inside and the time you are living in.
Style is : Personal. My style changes with my mood, but it is mostly feminine.
Obsession : Anything and everything related to weddings . I go crazzzyyy
How did I come up with this blog name :   Style + kaleidoscope = Styledoscope :)

Enough for now. I'm rapping up this post with the hope for a new beginning . It is a long post, hats off to you for reading . :p        
                                                      Love <3


  1. Blogging is an adventure which I kept ignoring till I touched 23 years of age. Within a month, I can see the change. I wish I did this earlier, but it's never too late :)

  2. Yes its never too late :) I'm trying to make useful and more juicy posts. And getting feedbacks feels soo good :) thank u ♡