Friday, 31 October 2014

Fall / Winter Makeup with Cheapest Products

                                           This is the look! tada! winged liner and red lips!

My friend and me were watsapping yesterday.
Me : the Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation is awesome i heard. but its not available in India i guess ! Wanwan (cry).
Friend : Only that? So many other mindblowing products are unavailable in India! Sad :( I wanted an Urban Decay Naked palette but..
                                             Sigh ! ...
This is the scenario of common Indian girls like us. We watch youtube tutorials, read blogs and get obsessed over those "perfect" products , but most of them are not available here or tooooo costly.
But we still have our own weapons. they may not be as good as Urban Decay but if applied wisely they can deliver a perfect look. So this is a post where I will show you some very cheap drug store products and a look perfect for fall and winter . { there is no picture tutorial. If anyone asks in the comments, then I will absolutely do one}


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Silvery Smoky Eyes Seen in Ileana D'cruz on Cosmopolitan India , September 2014 [ Tutorial ]

Yesterday I bought 6 month's cosmo subscription from Magzter ,only on 499 !! Now I'm enjoying the fun of reading cosmo in my tab (bt trust me paper magazine is so much more fun). So as i was going through the September issue (where Ileana D'cruz is on the cover) I saw her pics with the interview. What caught my eyes was her eyes. I have seen those silvery smoky eyes before but that make up on her made the whole look soo alive! I had decided at that moment that my first makeup tutorial would be this! :)

Ok, lets get back to the business :

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Style Shift

From Girly Girl to Sexy Glam

 I was always a girly girl, I think I am still one. Recently I felt a shift inside, my head did not nod when I saw a really frilly kind of a dress but I felt instant love whenever a well structured and feminine dress caught my eyes! Am I in a juncture of personal style transformation?!

What I liked before :
  • frills and more frills to make my no-curve frame look feminine :p
  • pleats in the bust area for the same reason
  • my mental age was much lower than it is now.. lol
  • I was afraid to look sexy, so I played safe
This collection from Forever New was my favorite (I still find them pretty). I wanted to feel like a princess by wearing them.

What has changed :
  • I still like frills but moderate frills and the dress must have a structured upper part, corset kind of a look. Something like this-