Sunday, 5 October 2014

Silvery Smoky Eyes Seen in Ileana D'cruz on Cosmopolitan India , September 2014 [ Tutorial ]

Yesterday I bought 6 month's cosmo subscription from Magzter ,only on 499 !! Now I'm enjoying the fun of reading cosmo in my tab (bt trust me paper magazine is so much more fun). So as i was going through the September issue (where Ileana D'cruz is on the cover) I saw her pics with the interview. What caught my eyes was her eyes. I have seen those silvery smoky eyes before but that make up on her made the whole look soo alive! I had decided at that moment that my first makeup tutorial would be this! :)

Ok, lets get back to the business :

Products you'll need :
1) primer
2) black kohl pencil
3) silver eyeshadow , black eyeshadow and another darker black eyeshadow
4) a very light peach colored eyeshadow
5) mascara

Tools :
1)eyeshadow applicator
2) smudge brush (if u want)
3) crease brush
4) blending brush

Now, the tutorial :
1. After priming your eyes put the silver eyeshadow from the middle of the upper lid to the inner corner of the eye, and from the inner corner to the middle point of the lower lid. The line does not have to be very thin and perfect.

2. Line the eye with black kohl. Don't draw the full upper lash line. Leave a little space for the silver sparkles .

3. Smudge the upper liner with a smudge brush or with the eyeshadow brush. Use black eyeshadow from the middle of the upper lid to the outer corner.

4. Now take the darkest black eyeshadow to draw a wing and line the outer half of the crease.

5. Blend it!!

6. Use the peach eyeshadow below the eyebrow and the rest of the bare part. Blend it very lightly.

7. Smudge the kohl in the lower lash line. Use a little black shadow to create the smoky look.

8. Curl the lashes and apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Wearing falsies is optional. I didn't wear false eyelashes here.

9. And you are all done !!! :)

*wear a natural or light colored lipstick . I'm wearing MUA's gloss.
** This is my First makeup tutorial so if I have made any mistake using the right terms, please feel free to correct me in the comment .

                                                                                       What do u think ??

This look will look absolutely fab with both western and Indian wear. Perfect for girl's night out and parties :)

Now it's time for selfies ;)

                            Hope this tutorial is helpful!! I had a lot of fun doing it :)
                                                                Love <3

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