Friday, 21 November 2014 : Review, Shopping Experience & Coloressence Products

From where should I start? Should I start from the day i ordered for the products or from the moment I have received it! Whatever, let's start with a lazy morning (I'm the master of this blog and I'm not bound to tell a linear story). So I woke up in a morning and with my first yawn I had decided that I'm going to be lazy today! & Laziness in today's world leads to online shopping. That's how I visited and fell in love with these two products. Have you heard about Coloressence products? I read many reviews before ordering them. The town where I stay doesn't sell these products, so when I saw them on Jabong I had to buy them! From my previous experiences with Jabong, I knew that I'll get those products delivered properly without any damage (and before time!).

Wait a minute, Don't you know enough about Jabong? (Who doesn't know about Jabong!) Still read this section. Jabong is an onlinline shopping website, where you must shop just because they have amazing products and deals. Jabong offers clothing , shoes , bags , watches , beauty products and many more!!!
You can pay by credit card, debit card, net banking or by cash on delivery! It is safe. I never faced a problem with paying for the products I had bought in Jabong.

Lets come to my experience :
This day also started with a lazy morning. It was those kind of mornings which you just don't want to start with. Or you just want to fast forward it. It was a shitty start until the package came from Jabong. All the laziness was gone in a second. I was there on my favorite window seat unboxing the products and taking lods of pictures.

Packaging was good as expected; plastic ,then cardboard box and inside it the products were nicely bubble-wrapped. This bubble-wrap is so important for makeups or for breakable products [plus, I love to play with the wrap. burst the bubbles :p]

Products were perfect, no leakage , recent Mfg date (always check it) and in a a word perfect. <3

                                       Coloressence HD Powder. (Ivory Beige) Price - 350 INR

                                            Coloressence Aqua Makeup Base (Ivory) : Price - 150 INR

I haven't opened the products yet. So no product reviews or swashes in this post. Please wait for the next post. But just looking at them I'm getting all positive vibes, haha . Do you guys ever feel this way?

P.S - 1) Jabong is having a GOSF 2014 discount. You can buy products in their lowest prizes! 80% off + 30 % off screams "Are you kidding me!?" The link is here :)

                                                     Who noticed "Get A Bag Free"??

2) Jabong is going to have India's First Online Fashion Week!! The new talents are not only going to showcase their designs but also they are going to sell their designer clothes online on Jabong!! Ladies get ready. To know more about the fashion week, go here . Btw The registration for designers, models, makeup artists & hair stylists and photographers is going on here .

I hope you guys also had a nice experience with Jabong like me. Feel free to share in the comments.

Before saying good bye for now, just couldn't help to post this :  New Look Bag collection available @ Jabong. Aren't they pretty !

                                                        Hope you like this post.
                                                                    Love <3


  1. Great Website. Great Review. Thousands of new users are buying from Jabong because of their service. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great Review

    Have a great Weekend !