Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The New Me

I started this blog very casually on 19th October 2012. It has been almost 2 years since that date, I'm still casual about it. But not any more ! I have spent a lot of time in social networks in spite of knowing it did not give me back anything worthy of that time. Still in this process I have learnt how to make an interesting piece of writing or how to chose the worth-instagram picture and taking time to edit and create hash tags so that it has larger viewers. Basically I have gained followers in a little time . This made me think : What have I done to my blog?!! Only 27 posts in 2 years .... damn!! 
I was not consistent , I was lazy, may be I wanted success very easily and very fast, when it did not happen, slowly I started to lose interest. But were the posts worth reading??
  • lack of thought on the content
  • pics were not edited properly
  • again laziness shows on the writing
  • less care on everything!!!