Thursday, 2 October 2014

Style Shift

From Girly Girl to Sexy Glam

 I was always a girly girl, I think I am still one. Recently I felt a shift inside, my head did not nod when I saw a really frilly kind of a dress but I felt instant love whenever a well structured and feminine dress caught my eyes! Am I in a juncture of personal style transformation?!

What I liked before :
  • frills and more frills to make my no-curve frame look feminine :p
  • pleats in the bust area for the same reason
  • my mental age was much lower than it is now.. lol
  • I was afraid to look sexy, so I played safe
This collection from Forever New was my favorite (I still find them pretty). I wanted to feel like a princess by wearing them.

What has changed :
  • I still like frills but moderate frills and the dress must have a structured upper part, corset kind of a look. Something like this-