Friday, 12 December 2014

Styledoscope : story of a blog name

There should be a saying - all the good blog names are either taken or.. um.. well too gay! (Though there is nothing wrong with being "too gay". I was just just watching Sex & the City 2, the movie, and learnt that swans in a gay wedding is "too gay"! ) Sorry for the plug in! Yes, I was talking about blog names! Gosh, getting a name you would really like your blog to have is sooo difficult to get!! If you are not familiar with blogs, let me tell you that a blog needs an unique name. Which is good, it gives those kind of vives a one piece designer handbag gives, or a painting of a famous artist gives. It is all yours and no other blog will ever have the same exact name of Your blog! Wow, so romantic! But finding that perfect romance (read 'name') is dam hard girl!!
The name of this blog was "I view I feel I blog". What was I thinking? Making a whole sentence as a blog name! Actually, at first I wanted to name it 'I blog', but obviously the name was taken! The I thought,  'chalo, kuchh add kardete hai" (lets add something else). And the 2nd option was 'I feel I blog". Blogger said "unavailable" in disgusting red letters.  So added something more. Finally blogger was pleased with my 'intelligence' and my blog got a new never ending name.
Another reason I didn't bother with such a long name like 'I view I feel I blog' because I didn't know what I was going to write in it! I thought that it would be an open diary of my life. The idea got cancelled by me as I didn't feel comfortable and got a little wiser! :p I wanted to write everything I experience but a lot of different things make a blog crowded. As time flowed and as I wrote more and more posts and read more and more blogs of other bloggers,  I realised that I'm more interested in the field of fashion, style and beauty than any other things. Yes I'm vain, thank you :) but I realised that if I'm going to make content for the web then this is the thing I want to write about. So with narrowed down the topic and felt a need for a brand new name. Yes I was attached with the 1st name and felt a little sad while changing it. But as they say, change is good!
Then came the hardest part, selecting names I like and getting approved by blogger.  You demanding Mr. Blogger! :# 
These are the names I thought of-
● style drive
● Vanity plus
● Style feed
● style vibe
● What the Fashion (sign of frustration,  when all the names above got rejected.  Well this cool name was also taken by some genius)
● Stylesome (taken), Stylesom (taken 2),  ok Mr. Blogger what about 'Stylesomo'?? 
Blogger: haha, You can have it. Coz its stupid!
Yes, it sounded like I want to style myself (Somo is the short form of Somorita).