Thursday, 12 March 2015

Spring - Summer Haul

[ Why a haul post?.. You can easily skip this part within brackets :) In 21st century "haul" is a "thing" which is very popular on Youtube or in the blogging world. But a lot of questions has bee raised against this trend of showing your viewers or readers what you have bought! Some think this kind of posts fuel consumerism.  That's the reason I was hesitant to do a haul post. But then I analysed this trend And came to a wonderful point.
Personally I love haul posts. I realised that I like those videos or posts because I get to know what the stores are offering and where go get it cheaper. The different styles of different people are also interesting to see.  But the main point is : why do people share what they have bought on the Internet? Then I recalled a tradition which is still popular.  There was a time when we new people in our neighbours,  they were like family. Plus our families were larger. So we had more audience to share our happiness. Whenever someone used to buy a saree or a jewellery she would come and show it, and people would happily join in that conversation. But time has changed. There aren't those people to share that joy of getting something in a bargain.  Time has changed and we actually have a larger audience now. So I guess that tradition has revamped itself and has become "haul" !
So can we call "haul" a culture? If yes, then I am into it :) ]

Summer is almost here. Spring is just at its best beautiful self and I have shopped a little bit! This season is the season of bright colours and floral prints and laces for me :) Without wasting any words let's jump into the Spring Summer Haul.

1. Crop top

I love the details at the back.  This one is 150 INR from a local store in Mumbai.

2. White shirt

This one is really creased right now that's why I can show you the detailed part. This is basically a little oversized regular shirt. Its not pure cotton :( but it costed 150 INR :) From that same Mumbai shop.
3. Kurti

I wanted to buy something yellow and this thing caught my eyes.
Brand: Srishti
Price : 599 (full price), after discount 497 INR
From : Brand Factory , Kolkata

4. Kambic Kalidar

I have never had a kalidar before and the good thing is, it can be worn as a dress too! Just have to add a slick belt .

Brand : Srishti
Price: 649 full price, after discount 550 INR
From : Brand Factory,  Kolkata

5. Long kurta

Its design is inspired by the ornamental designs on the traditional Assamese attire "Mekhla". Love the combination,  cut and the material *cotton* :)

Brand : Aurelia
Price : 899 full price, after discount 755 INR
From : Brand Factory

6. The real deal !!

I was 2nd time lucky.  Its the 2nd jeans I tried on & a perfect fit!
But the best part is the discounted price!

Brand: Levi's
Price : 2499 original price,  after an insane discount it's 838 INR (iincluding 5% VAT)
From : Brand Factory

7. Scarf and Leggings

Needed them. The famine print of this cotton scarf is my favourite.  And bought the leggings for the long kurta. Both of them will go with a lot of other stuff. Both costs 100 INR. Scarf is from a Mumbai store and leggings from a local store in Kolkata. 

8. Bags

These are a little expensive buys. I couldn't wait for a sale, I know I should have.  But I love them! The colour of the Lavie bag wont go out of style in summers and springs. I just love the ithe combination and the size of that bag. It's so handy. Will perfectly go with the western clothes. 
Price : 3270 INR
The Forever New bag is bigger and I can take it anywhere. The material is amazing.  The little black bow is just so cute and the golden chains make it look classy as well. 
Price : around 3000 INR , have lost the price tag :p

9. Shoes

Shoe shopping is a job I do not enjoy. Because my feet is so weird that nothing fits :( Still have to buy shoes coz can'tt walk bare foot, right!
Bought them from the footpath. The 1st one costed 100 INR & 2nd one 140 INR. 

This is my spring-summer haul so far. Did you girls go shopping for the new season yet? 
Let me know if you like this haul post or not in the comments below. 

Oh!! Before signing off , I wanna share a pic with u guys. A pic taken by me got published in the Cosmopolitan india's March 2015 issue. I am really happy :) if you already follow me on instagram then you have probable seen the original pic posted few months ago! If not then let's follow eachother.  My Instagram name is - somoritas_pov , what's yours? :)

                                love you guys :) ♥♡♥


  1. Wow those are awesome pieces my fav is the crop top and for that price its just tooooooo Good to be true :)



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  3. Lots of crazy stuff. Love ur post♥♥♥ Like ur shoes bags scarf. Shoes and accessories have always fascinated me😘😘😘.

    1. Thanks :) i just love to buy bags! Kind of a bagaholic :p

    2. Thanks :) i just love to buy bags! Kind of a bagaholic :p

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  5. Lovely haul dear.. I really the handbags and the blue top!! :)

  6. Those bags are so cute... :)