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10 Tips to Look Exceptionally Beautiful on your Wedding Day

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, is a very popular saying. Every woman dreams of looking exceptionally beautiful on her wedding day. After all, it is that one thing that happens once in a lifetime. Being a beautiful bride is every woman’s dream. For that, she seeks help from a lot of professionals that can help her to get that look that makes all go stunned.

But, there are things which you should take care of prior wedding. Even though you have the best makeup products and the professionals to do it, if you are not looking perfect with your body and mind, you will not get that exceptionally beautiful look which you really wanted. Here is a list of 10 tips to look exceptionally beautiful on your wedding day. Try them out and let everyone gaze over the bride the whole day…

Use Baby Wipes

Being a bride the whole day is indeed tiring. You might feel too heavy as well with the heavy attire and the accessories all over your hair and body. There are chances that you might sweat a lot the whole day and it might affect your look. Most of the brides use hand towels to wipe off their face and hands. It will make their skin a lot duller.

Instead, use baby wipes to freshen up your face and to clean as well. It does not make your skin fresh without any tan. Buy baby wipes online from FirstCry . You will get them cheaper.

A Trial Helps

Every bride will have a plan on how they should look on their wedding day. Right from their hairstyle, to the color of the outfit and the different shades of colors that should be used for the makeup will be decided. But, it is always better to have a trial with all these before you do them on your D Day. Choices can sometimes go wrong and you will be in trouble if you experiment it on your wedding day.

Buy branded makeup kits from Limeroad for your eyes, lips and face.

Carry Touch Up Kit

It will be good if you carry a touch up kit along with you on your wedding day.
There will be times when you need some touch ups and it is not possible to do that heavy makeup all the time. Do it for the eyes and lips for sure.

No Bold Nail Colors

It is your wedding day! Avoid dark shades on your nails that will become a centre of attraction for no reason. Try using colorless nail paints or may be a light shade one will do the job. Dark colors are not a good choice for wedding.

Check out for good nail paints at Paytm for affordable rates from top brands.

Perfect Brows

Your face will be clicked every now and then the whole day. With touch ups you can maintain the makeup look. But before all that, make sure that you have got the perfect shaped brows. It would be great if you get them in shape two days prior the wedding so that there will not be any puffiness. A perfect brow beautifies your looks!

Focus Lips And Eyes

Focus more on your eyes and lips on your wedding day. Highlight your eyes and lips and make them darker. It gives an impact and a life to your face. Eyes and lips are those parts of your face that gets highlighted instantly and adds beauty to your face.

No Hair Wash

Now, you might be alarmed thinking that how can you stay the whole day without washing your hair! It is better to wash your hair the pre wedding day and condition it properly. If you wash your hair on the wedding day, your curls won’t stay long!

Full Body Massage

A full body massage two days before the wedding will stimulate your blood flow and will help your body get refreshed. It boosts your skin to get more tighten and gives you a glow throughout.

Perfect Bridal Makeup

A perfect bridal makeup to that glowing body will do the rest of the work. Give an extra effort on your eyes and lips as mentioned earlier. Things will be perfect then. And you will look exceptionally beautiful on your wedding day.

A Smile

To get it the most perfect, carry a beautiful smile always on your face. And here is you as the exceptionally beautiful bride.

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  1. These are amazing tips for the wedding day! Touch up is a must because the makeup wears off throughout the day!

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    Thats a great post for bride-to-be's...loved reading it.
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