Thursday, 22 January 2015

Inspiration List : 2015

I know today is the 22nd day of this new year. Some of us already feeling that the year got old and throwing away our 2015 resolutions. For me, it has always been hard to keep those promises made at the beginning of the year. Most of the time I write my goals (very few) in my diary and don't open those pages again , just because I don't remember to do so! But this year I have decided to take a new path. When I wrote down what I want to do or achieve in the new year, I thought for an idea to see them in front of my eyes whenever I want to.
So I took some coloured papers and wrote my goals on different colours! Then I stuck them together and pinned it on the soft board of my bed room.
I am not saying that you should do this too. But it is an easy way to see the list whenever you wish to. Everyday I see the list and mentally do some ticking. I don't follow everything every day though. I try to.:)
This year I have decided to do at least one fruitful thing a day . It is going on pretty well.

Are you keeping up your resolutions? And how do you keep yourself motivated to be simply HAPPY ?
Let me know :)
                                       Love <3