Friday, 9 October 2015

No More Dating Pigs : Book Takeaway

"Women who fear being alone are most likely to date wrong people."
                 - Norah Marler

Ok, this is probably going to be hard for me to write about this book. But it's a well thought decision to write about the things I'm taking from this book and to include a little bit of my personal life in this post. Only because I want to share the knowledge I gained from this book to you. 
So, guys "No More Dating Pigs" by Norah Marler is a self help book and it gives us the knowledge of wise dating and points out the tendencies to date wrong people and gives solutions to stop that viscous circle of dating "pigs". 

I haven't dated in my life.  Yet I was in relationships.  Yes, it probably sounds weird but guys committed even before spending quality time to know eachother well. It's not we didn't know eachother but to be in a "forever" kind of relationship you need to understand eachother and most importantly you need to understand yourself.  In my case none of these happend before.