Thursday, 31 March 2016

Lakme Fashion Week 2016 : Elektrocouture failed to impress

Sometimes things look good on paper/ electronic media posts / on racks and they build expectations.
There was hype around Elektrocouture and Friends's debut on Lakme Fashion Week summer-resort 2016 as they were bringing "innovation" to indian fashion scenario.
Quoting :
Based in the heart of Europe's fashion tech hub, Berlin, ElektroCouture is a collaborative house for bespoke technologies along with six international designers like Lina Wassong, Melissa Coleman, Valérie Lamontagne, Igor Knezevic, Kristin Neidlinger and Chritian Bruns from various countries like Britain, Canada and US, who join hands for the first time to present a collective showcase of fashion and technology with 'ElektroCouture and Friends'.
Integrating technologies into design, accessories, couture and also pret fashion, these designers have stepped into the future to find new ways of digitalising environment and human body.
Some of their work comprises inventive battery systems to the latest in light technology, digital knitting and weaving, traditional hand processes to achieve radical shapes to 3D printing, sound reactive LEDs, motion and light sensors and mood technology.
These labels use light technology the way other designers use colour or cut, with the vision of making light wearable, multifunctional and easy to wear while still being revolutionary by way of self-expression and style."

And after all that when the show started few things came to my mind.
Is fashion only about interesting sihouttes? No. But in the show only the silhouttes were visible. I understand the need for low blue light to set the atmosphere but it made it hard for  the viewers to understand the colour, texture of the materials. When you are doing such great work why not show it properly?!!
There were some interesting 3D printing but I really cant call this collection futuristic. Nothing was new to experience. It seemed we have seen it all before. Or may be I had really high expectations.
Sadly Elektrocouture wasn't a remarkable experience for me.
What do You think about the show?

                                               love as always <3